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Every educational institution or organization is different and so are their needs. We understand this at CaptionEx, which is why extend our 16 years of experience, on-time delivery, and premier quality in each of our premier services.

Our current service options are ideal for online video, e-learning, and education and include:


Captioning allows you to translate audio content into text, making it accessible to all. As your captioning service provider, CaptionEx can caption your online video, e-learning courses, or educational materials accurately, efficiently, and affordably.


Transcription takes audio or captioned material and translates it into a text file that’s downloadable for users. At CaptionEx, our transcription services give students valuable study materials that advance understanding and knowledge.


Translation makes it simple to disseminate transcriptions to individuals worldwide. At CaptionEx, we can integrate our translation into captioning and videos of all different languages. By doing so, we create a seamless experience for learners of all kinds.

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CaptionEx’s 100% human captioning, transcription, and translation services make it simple to enhance your online video, e-learning, or education resources. And, with pricing at 30 to 40% less than that of leading providers, you can save money while maintaining the premium quality outcomes you expect from your service provider.

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By getting in touch with our team today, you too can take advantage of our 16 years of experience, affordable pricing, on-time delivery, flexibility, and dedication to your utmost satisfaction.

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