Captioning Services That Make Your Online Materials More Accessible Than Ever Before

Captioning services help increase the usability, learnability, and availability of your online materials. And when you’re looking for premium quality, 16 years of experience, and costs that are up to 30 or 40% less than that of leading providers, CaptionEx can help.

Through CaptionEx’s 100% human-completed captioning expertise, you can provide exceptional benefits to all users. This means that whether learners are deaf, hard of hearing, or simply benefit from the presence of text in addition to audio, you can do so.

Benefits of Integrating Online Video Captioning Into Your Materials

CaptionEx is a major asset for any organization or educational institution looking to deliver value to users through captioning services. That’s because by working with CaptionEx, you can deliver benefits to users like:

Customizable Learning – Captioning allows users to move at their own pace and revisit areas as they listen, allowing for customized learning.

Increases Comprehension – Combined audio and text allows for better comprehension and retention, particularly for international learners.

Simplifies Complex Topics – Captioned materials help individuals understand complex topics that might otherwise leave them confused.

Account for Students With Disabilities – Whether an individual is learning with English as a second language or has another disability that affects how they learn, captioning helps bridge the learning gap.

Cost-Effective Rates That Make it Simple to Integrate Captions in Your Materials

At CaptionEx, we deliver captions with a +99% accuracy rate along with costs that total 30 to 40% less than that of leading providers.

This means that you can extend the undeniable benefits of online video captioning while saving money and enjoying the premier quality your users deserve.

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