Get to Know CaptionEx

At CaptionEx , we’re just that – a closed captioning company dedicated to providing excellent solutions for all of your captioning, transcription, and translation needs.

For us, this means upholding stringent standards that guarantee a +99% accuracy rate, all while saving you 30 to 40% off of traditional costs.

16 Years of Experience, 16 Years of Premium Quality Solutions

For over 16 years, our highly-skilled team has been delivering matchless quality in the medical transcription industry. Now, we’re translating that very same expertise into education captioning through our qualified team of Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) and transcribers that specialize in other lines of study such as Business, Law, the Sciences, and beyond.

By doing so, we’re able to offer our premium closed captioning services for new industries. As a result, you can access captioning, transcription, and translation services that fulfill your needs while maintaining high levels of accuracy and cost efficiency.

Exceptionally Accurate and Quality Outputs

Our company guarantees your utmost satisfaction through our three-level quality assurance process. By doing so, you get peace of mind knowing that even the most complicated terminology will be correct.

That’s because we use a team of field experts to review each of our projects, ensuring that by the time it’s delivered it has undergone the strict review necessary for premium quality.

Why Choose CaptionEx

Unparalleled quality with over 99% accuracy

  • Countless satisfied customers
  • No use of transcription software – we use a team of highly-trained experts
  • Flexible and reliable turnaround times
  • 30 to 40% cost savings over competitors
  • Three-level quality assurance system
  • Customizable service plans

Join our experienced team today to get the service you need and results you want, all at costs far lower than you thought possible.

A Dedication to Captioning for Education

CaptionEx was founded on the principle of providing an in-depth educational experience for all.

While the American Disability Act (ADA) requires transcripts and captions for disabled students, few others benefit from the same resources. But by partnering with CaptionEx, universities and other educational institutions can further higher education for all students. This is simple when you allow students to revisit lectures at their convenience with captioning and transcription services.

Doing so will enhance and solidify understanding, allowing each student to flourish in ways never before possible.

Solutions That Reach Beyond Education

If you’re an organization with a need for captioning, transcription, or translation services, CaptionEx can assist with your needs as well.

Whether you require online video transcription or captioning for your most recent business conferences, webinars, sales presentations, YouTube videos, or other resources, the team at CaptionEx can help. This helps guarantee that your organization is making materials accessible to all, expanding your audience and bring real impact to your business.

CaptionEx Can Deliver on All Your Needs

Whether you’re an organization or an educational institution and require closed captioning services for your streaming videos, need transcription expertise, or want to take advantage of translation services CaptionEx can help.

Join our experienced team today to get the service you need and results you want, all at costs far lower than you thought possible.